Personal Evangelism

“Sharing our Faith”

Sharing our faith is not an option for the believer.  It’s not just for pastors, missionaries, Sunday school teachers, TV evangelists and the like.  Sharing our faith is a responsibility and a privilege of every single person who has ever called on Jesus to save him or her.  Jesus’ last words spoken on earth to the eleven apostles which became known as The Great Commission gives very specific instructions: Matthew 28:19-20, “Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all things I have commanded you.”

We are also under that same command: that as we are taught, we are to go and teach.  The Personal Evangelism Team has studied and researched materials and with much prayer has prepared materials we pray will help all feel more comfortable in sharing our faith.  To accomplish this, we have researched and prepared materials on the Ten most Basic Fundamentals of Christianity:  The Bible, God, Jesus Christ, The Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ, Man and Sin, Salvation, The Holy Spirit, Angels, Satan and Demons, the Church, and Future Things to Come.

We pray that our work and effort in preparing this material will be only one of the many tools you may find useful in preparing yourself to go forth and boldly proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ.

The Personal Evangelism Team



Table of Contents

Click on one of the Ten most Basic Fundamentals of Christianity below

01 The Bible – Summary Fundamental

02 God – Summary Fundamental

03 Jesus Christ – Summary Fundamental

04 Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ – Summary Fundamental

05 Man and Sin – Summary Fundamental

06 SALVATION – Summary Fundamental

07 Holy Spirit – Summary Fundamental

08 Angels, Satan and Demons Summary Fundamental

09 The Church – Summary Fundamental

10 FUTURE THINGS TO COME – Summary Fundamental







Christian Theology, by Emery H. Bancroft

Christianity Is Christ, by Dr. W. H. Griffith 

Experiencing the Cross, by Henry Blackaby

The Gospel According To Jesus, by John F. MacArthur, Jr. 

Knowing God 101 – A Guide to Theology in Plain Language, by Bruce Bickel  Stan Jantz 

Know What You Believe, by Paul Little 

LIFE OF CHRIST by Fulton J. Sheen 

Mere Christianity, by C

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. S. Lewis 

Questions about the Church – Elmer L. Towns 

Sharing Your Faith, By Bruce Bickel & Stan Jantz 

What the Bible is all about, by Henrietta C. Mears

Website: (By Ron Boatwright) 

Wycliffe Bible Dictionary




Suggested Readings:

Hugh Ross – “Fingerprint of God”

J. I. Packer – “Elections”  

R. A. Finlayson – “Trinity”

T. C. Hammond –“In Understanding”