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Purpose & Objective



Who is a layperson anyway?
All persons who have joined the A.M.E. denomination and have not been ordained  is a layperson.  It is each person’s responsibility to become an active member of the Lay Organization.

How do I benefit from joining the Lay Organization?
The benefits received from being an active member of the Lay organization include knowledge about the:

  • Rules, laws and procedures of the AME Church as outlined in the AME Discipline.
  • Lay Organization on the Local, District, Conference and the Connectional levels.
  • Constitution and by-laws which govern the political leadership in the local, district, conference and connectional levels of the church.
  • Function of each level of the Lay Organization

Why have a Lay Organization at the church level?
The reason for organizing at the local church level is to provide the proper instructions for each new and old member of the local church as it relates to duties, responsibilities and loyalty to the AME Church as outlined in the AME Discipline

What does the Connectional Lay Organization consist of?
The Connectional Lay Organization shall be composed of the Episcopal District Lay Organizations, Conference Lay Organizations, District Lay Organizations of the Annual Conference and Organization of a Station or Circuit.  The District Lay Organization of the Annual Conference is optional and shall only be organized where the Conference Lay Organization determines it to be necessary for the efficient conduct of its business.