Fifth Episcopal District Lay Organization Map

California Conference:
Randy Scott

The California Conference spans from the Central Valley an agriculture region, to major metropolitan centers in Northern California such as Silicon Valley, doctor and growing urban cities including Oakland, San Jose, San Francisco, Sacramento, and finally reaching to Sparks, Nevada.  The California Conference is blessed with three historic churches all founded over 150 years ago: Bethel A.M.E. Church, San Francisco, CA, First A.M.E. Church Oakland, CA and St. Andrews A.M.E. Church, Sacramento, CA. The California Conference has a total of twenty-eight local churches and one Presiding Elders District.

Desert Mountain Conference:
Joann Thompson

The Desert Mountain Conference  covers five states, Arizona, Colorado,New Mexico, Utah and Wyoming.  The Conference is composed of two Presiding Elder Districts, Rocky Mountain District, which covers three states, Colorado, Utah and Wyoming.  The Phoenix/Albuquerque Presiding District covers two states, Arizona and New Mexico.  There are 23 Churches and Missions in the Desert Mountain Conference.  It consists of mountains and desert, thus the name.  We can travel 8oo + miles to attend a Desert Mountain Annual Conference.

Missouri Conference:
Brenda Simpson

The Missouri Conference is composed of one Presiding Elder District, the Gateway District, which spans from St. Louis to Columbia to the west, and from St. Louis to Cape Girardeau to the south. There are twenty-six local churches in the Missouri Conference.

Midwest Conference:
Jo Lee Brooks


The Midwest Conference is the second largest Conference in the Fifth District. It is covers the States of Kansas, Nebraska and Northwest Missouri. There are three Presiding Elder Districts: Midwest North, Midwest South and Midwest Omaha, serving 60 churches in the Conference.

Pacific Northwest Conference:
Simeon Rhoden

The Pacific Northwest Conference is a lush region with a variety of climates from the Pacific Ocean to the valley and once over the mountains, a desert region- all within a few hours’ drive of each other. The Conference runs north to south and includes the states of Washington, Oregon, Montana and Alaska.

Southern California Conference

Kathy Green

The Southern California Conference (So. Cal.) covers two U.S. States—Nevada and Southern California.  This conference is comprised of historical towns and scenic tundra—from Valleys, Ocean sides to Mountains and Deserts.  A six hour drive from Las Vegas, Nevada in the North/East; to Lompoc in Santa Barbara county, and the beautiful Kern valley.  Along the scenic route on the North/West coast; down through Oxnard, and Santa Monica to Los Angeles, and finally to San Diego, just before Tijuana and Baja California. Travelling inland from the beautiful Napa Valley wine territory down through Bakersfield and the San Fernando Valley; expanding southward through the Pasadena San Gabrielle Valley towards the mountains region of San Bernardino county to Death Valley and the desert area of Blythe, California. There are 55 churches and missions in the So. Cal Conference.  There are three Presidening Elder Districts — Los Angeles District, Los Angele/Pasadena District and the Los Angele/San Diego/ Las Vegas District.  Also included are the Historical Churches of FAME Los Angeles, Fame Pasadena, and Bethel San Diego which date back to the 1800s.