The  purpose and objectives of the Lay Organization are outlined in its Constitution.

The purpose of this organization shall be to organize and train the lay persons of the African Methodist Episcopal Church, so that each lay person may utilize, to the maximum, the abilities and skills granted by God, in assisting with the improvement and extension of God’s Kingdom, and creating happiness, peace and harmony among its members.

The main objectives are stated in brief as follows:

  1. To create a love and appreciation of the History and Principles of African Methodism.
  2. Keep the memory of Richard Allen alive.
  3. Respect Constituted Authority.
  4. Stimulate and Educate the Laity in the Total Program of the Church.
  5. Study the Discipline and learn the laws of the Church.
  6. Encourage Financial Support of the Church’s Program.
  7. Teach and Practice Stewardship and work with the Youth to teach them Methodism.
  8. These objectives can best be met when one works to understand the program of the church and relate the church to the World around us