Statement: Council of Bishops

In light of the uncertainty around the spread and management of the novel coronavirus pandemic, Covid-19, the leadership of the African Methodist Episcopal Church has rightly placed the health and well-being of our members as the fundamental priority. Click On Seal to Review


On behalf of the officers and laity of the Fifth Episcopal District Lay Organization we welcome you!

Lay Witness Sunday/el Domingo de Testimonio Laico

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Laity we are here as faithful servants to God and his people. We will have exciting NEWS upon our return look for the GOOD NEWS!

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Simeon Rhoden Thank You Zoom Info: Sunday, June 27, 2021, 2 pm PDT, 4 pm CDT

Meeting ID: 560 222 5000 | Passcode: 092301

Greetings Fifth Episcopal District Lay Organization, 

A Message from the President’s Desk

The Lay Organization’s Executive Board met Monday January 4, 2021, during which, the following decisions were made:

  • That considering the escalation of the COVID pandemic – even with the prospect of vaccinations – that for the health and welfare of our members, the 64th Annual Fifth Episcopal District’s Lay Convention will be held VIRTUALLY. The Election process however is under evaluation with the Election Committee
  • That a new AME V-Alert Chair has been appointed
  • That a new Election Committee Chair has been appointed

Please review, document, and share the above and below information with ALL Lay Members at the Local and Conference Levels.  These dates are relevant and are critical path through July 2021.


March 16, 2020 Awards/Living Legend Conference Service Evaluation BEGINS

January 13, 2021 YAR Chat – Virtual Setting (YAR Dallas Richardson)

January 31, 2021 Deadline – District Lay Organization Letter of Intent

February 8, 2021 Nominating Committee Report to the Executive Board

February 28, 2021     Awards/Living Legend Conference Service Evaluation ENDS   
March 5, 2021     Deadline - Submit Awards/Living Legend to Fifth District
NOTE:                          First Half of Fair Share Due by March 6, 2021
March 6, 2021     Lay Component Meeting (ALL LAITY/LAY MEMBERS) Virtually
March 12, 2021     Lay Scholarship & Recognition Reception 4PM – 6PM Virtually
March 29, 2021     Deadline - All Local/Conference Biennial Delegates NAMES submitted to the Fifth Episcopal District 
                                                                     (Jackie Payton, Registration Rep)
April 12, 2021     Deadline – ALL Registration (Local/Conference Delegate’s Funds/Names) to the 64th Annual Sessions of the Fifth District Lay Convention 
                                                                       (Judy Bradley, Registration Chair)
NOTE:                            Fair Share Due by June 3, 2021
June 3 - 5, 2021     64th Annual Sessions of the Fifth District Lay Convention Virtually – MOC Hosts 
                                                                         (Election Year/Awards/Living Legends/President’s Award) 
July 5 – 10, 2021     General Conference - Orlando, FL Hybrid Meeting 
                                                                           (Elections: Bishops/General Officers/Judicial Council)
July 11 – 12, 2021     CLO Biennial (Election Year/Awards) – Orlando, FL Onsite  
                                                                            (District’s Outstanding Lay & Outstanding YAR represents)

AME V-Alert Committee: New Chair Appointed 
MO Conference  
Sister Lisa Collier, Chair of AME V-Alert 
(314) 882-6446

Bill Dickens, Member
Richard Crews, Member
Evelyn Sutton, Member

Social Action Committee: New Chair Appointed
Sister Lisa Collier, Chair of AME V-Alert
MO Conference
(314) 882-6446

Bill Dickens, Member
Richard Crews, Member
Evelyn Sutton, Member

Election Committee: New Chair Appointed
Nedra Locke, Chair of the Election Committee, MWC Conference
(816) 520-3116

Nixietta Williams, MO Member
(314) 736-2629

Greg Harding, SCC Member
(757) 450-7073

Jene’l Sconier, PNWC Member
(253) 330-9607

Pending Member – DMC Representative (Waiting to hear back from the Conference President)

Pending Member – CAC Representative (Waiting to hear back from the Conference President)

Brittany Griffin, Co -Chair, 
Brenda Simpson, Conference Co-Chair, Pearline Hayes, SCC Member 
Karen Robinson, CAC Member 
Maria Thompson. PNWC Member 
Shawlee Lee, PNWC Member 
Ada Groff, DMC Member


Regards, Simeon P. Rhoden Jr., President