37th CLO Biennial Session

To: Fifth Episcopal District Lay Organization
From: Simeon Rhoden, President
Jackie Payton, 5th District Biennial Registration Representative
Subject: Registration for the 37th CLO Biennial Session

On 3/22, the Connectional Lay Organization sent out correspondence regarding the CLO registration and its process to the CLO Biennial in Orlando. If you received that information…good, however I ask that we as members of the Great and Mighty 5th yield and adhere to the following:

REGISTRATION Delegates/Alternates: $225.00 by May 31 & $300 by June 1
Observers 16 and Over: $150.00

  • If you are from the 5th and a Delegate or Alternate to the 2021 CLO Biennial – DO NOT REGISTER ON YOUR OWN. If you register on your own, you will usurp the registration process of the 5th District Lay Organization already identified at the Local, Conference, and District Levels. Please be reminded…that we have always registered as a united front – a District. If you register separately on your own, then there is no way we will be able to understand our Delegation Strength. Also, many of the Conferences have already sent payments for the Conference Delegation to the District Financial Secretary. When we have collected all funds from each Conference, the Registration Chair will register each person – with his/her email and contact information.
  • If you are interested in attending as an Observer – we encourage you to register with your Conference Lay Organization – Observers and other attendees will be able to register and pay on an individual basis with the option to pay via bank transfer (ACH) or credit card, but again, we ask that you register through your Conference.
  • If anyone attempts to register on his/her own (Registration/Hotel), you will be blocked and redirected back to the 5th District Lay Organization – Sister Jackie Payton
  • Once Sister Jackie registers you, you will receive a link to your email you provided to finish the registration process. It is important to make sure your email is correct.
  • There will be no onsite registration.
  • Delegates, alternates, and observers will receive a badge, electronic convention materials and access to training sessions. Badges will be distributed to the districts for distribution to Delegates/Alternates/Observers.
  • The decision to provide kits has not been confirmed but if kits are available, they will be provided to the districts for distribution as well
  • All CLO Biennial Registration issues/concerns should be addressed to
    o Jackie Payton
    mtnest7529@yahoo.com * (314) 974-7209
  • Jackie Payton and the 5th District Lay President (Simeon Rhoden), will be the only representatives for the 5th to the 2021 CLO Biennial.


  • Once you have completed your registration, housing information will be sent to registrants
  • The email address is critical for each registrant to receive information on housing and other updates, for credentials and for the voting process. If a delegate or alternate does not have a unique email address, they will not have the opportunity to participate in the election process.

Simeon P. Rhoden, President
Fifth Episcopal District Lay Organization
cc, Jackie Payton, 5th District

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